Securus Technologies – Helping Build Safer and More Secure Communities Through the Use of Technology

Securus Technologies is a leading government information, parolee tracking, and inmate communication and technology services provider in the United States. The company has made tremendous progress in the field from the time of its inception in the year 1986. Today, it serves over 1.2 million parolees and prisoners in 45 states, and in Mexico, Canada, and the District of Columbia.


The company believes in using technology as a potent tool to better the lives of the inmates who are living in isolation, away from the friends and families. Securus Technologies offer high-end communication services that make it possible for the prisoners to communicate with their relatives and friends on a regular basis.


The company offers a wide variety of services, including the phone services; web-based messaging system, e-mail services, and photo sharing services, kiosks, money transfer services, video services, and more. At present, more than 2,600 correctional facilities across the United States rely on the technology and services offered by the Securus Technologies. The company has close to 600 patents in its name, and the count is expected to rise considerably in the years to come as it continues to focus on research and development to better and modernize the incarceration experience.


Securus Technologies recently shared with the world what the law enforcement officials feel about the company’s services through a press release. In the media release published by the Securus Technologies on the internet, it showcased a series of comments and excerpts from the letters sent to the company’s headquarters in Dallas by hundreds of law enforcement officials from across the country. The law enforcement officials said that the enterprise’s services help them make arrests timely and get the necessary evidence to convict the offenders in the court. I can relate to the press release altogether and feel it is one of the best technology firm in the correctional sphere today.


Sam Tabar Reaches Out to His Clients through Social Media

Many individuals across the world have social media accounts. It’s up to a person to choose what it is that they do with their accounts. While others invite friends out and share their outlook on different issues, Sam Tabar uses his platforms for business purposes.

He aims at ensuring that he does all that is within his abilities to give his followers a business aspect of life. As an entrepreneur, he appreciates that his clients are on social media. He, therefore, ensures that they know what he is up to and that he will give them the options they need to better their lives.

Social media is a platform from which many individuals have contacted him to understand better the business models that he uses. His profile pictures are professional all the way. He loves traveling, throwing parties and charity events, only that he does not put this on his social media platforms.

Sam Tabar has held various roles in the corporative world and has leaped much success. At Sparx Group, the role he played as the managing director is quite impressive, especially because he was selected to head the company’s global marketing initiatives while he still was on the investor relations docket.

The passion he portrays in financial management is appealing. One of the most significant steps he has made in his career as a financial advisor and an attorney was when he was named the head of Merrill Lynch Capital strategy slot.

Out of his dedication in this position, his company entered the Asian- Pacific markets. This was as a result of combining law, multilingual and financial management skills. Choosing the services of Sam Tabar would be a very informed decision. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He has law and business administration degree both which he earned from the Oxford University. He attended Columbia Law School where he graduated with an LLM degree. That is not all since he has held various positions in different industries including fashion, law, and apparel among others. He also can speak fluently in French, English, and Japanese. He would, therefore, be suitable for all the financial advisory and law services.

The Brown Modeling Agency: Growing in Texas and Beyond

The Brown Agency is the premier modeling agency for fashion and print models in Austin, Texas. Justin Brown, the founder of the agency, began his career as a “fit” model to help put him through college. As a model he could bring in $100 per hour modeling as opposed to the $6 per hour he could make working at the local golf course. What began as a means to an end became a passion for Justin Brown and a few years later, The Brown Modeling Agency was born?

While most models were interested in making the shoot work, Brown was more interested in what was going on behind the cameras. As a Business Management major, he could see the potential in the modeling market. After successfully completing modeling jobs for different agencies across Southern California, Justin Brown landed a job in development and placement for a local firm. This basically entailed training other models to “act like pros,” and Mr. Brown quickly developed an expertise in this area.

After spending some time perfecting his craft in California, Justin Brown moved to Austin and initially began a development business to train models in the area. He immediately connected with the city and saw the need for an agency that could provide models for the burgeoning fashion and print market there. It was clear from the beginning that Austin had its own culture and the challenge would be taking that local flair and making it viable for national needs. That is when The Brown Modeling Agency was born. Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South in 2015 and renamed the new, full-service agency, The Brown Modeling Agency. Overnight it became the largest modeling agency in Austin and the only full-service agency there. Justin Brown’s dream of having the resources to go national was now a reality and the company was taking off.

The Brown Modeling Agency is now the largest in Central Texas and one of the largest in the state. They have a lot of talent reaching into every aspect of modeling and their agency has contacts to brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal, and the list of well-known companies across America could go on and on. While the company is only in its second year of existence, it has the talent, connections, and leadership to make it one of the best modeling agencies in the nation.

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