A journey that took Guilherme Paulus to the top.

Guilherme Paulus came from a humble background; he knew for him to succeed, he had to put in the work and with this, in mind, he set out to gain some work experience. At 17 he found an intern position at IBM this would be a place which would open his eyes to so many possibilities that his eyes light up to date when he speaks about that experience.

Once his internship at IBM was over Guilherme Paulus found a job as an airfare salesman at Casa Faro. This was a job he enjoyed, and by the time he resigned after two years, he knew that he = had to invest in the tourism sector. The sector held so much untapped potential and in the course of his work he had met a state deputy by the name Carlos, who had shown an interest in opening a travel agency together. They teamed up in 1972 and registered CVC. Read more about Guilherme Paulus on Crunchbase.

Guilherme Paulus, however, did not have the capital to pay for his share, so he opted to work and offer his expertise to the business to acquire the same. Carlos stayed on until 1976 when he left to pursue other interest, and it was at this point that Guilherme Paulus realized that it was now up to him to grow the business to the best of his ability. The company that began as a two-person operation in 1972 is today one of the biggest tour companies in Latin America and employs thousands of Brazilian. In 2009 he sold a 63 percent stake of the company to a private equity group who would later list the company on the stock exchange.

Guilherme Paulus has recently ventured into the hotel business. His love for travel would see him traverse a lot of interesting places in Brazil and this is how his attention was drawn to the endless opportunities that were yet to be tapped in this industry. The investments which are under the GJP network have grown to 19 hotels and resorts that are today worth an estimated half a billion dollars. His investments have made him one of the wealthiest people in Brazil as indicated by Forbes Magazine.

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