The Brown Modeling Agency: Growing in Texas and Beyond

The Brown Agency is the premier modeling agency for fashion and print models in Austin, Texas. Justin Brown, the founder of the agency, began his career as a “fit” model to help put him through college. As a model he could bring in $100 per hour modeling as opposed to the $6 per hour he could make working at the local golf course. What began as a means to an end became a passion for Justin Brown and a few years later, The Brown Modeling Agency was born?

While most models were interested in making the shoot work, Brown was more interested in what was going on behind the cameras. As a Business Management major, he could see the potential in the modeling market. After successfully completing modeling jobs for different agencies across Southern California, Justin Brown landed a job in development and placement for a local firm. This basically entailed training other models to “act like pros,” and Mr. Brown quickly developed an expertise in this area.

After spending some time perfecting his craft in California, Justin Brown moved to Austin and initially began a development business to train models in the area. He immediately connected with the city and saw the need for an agency that could provide models for the burgeoning fashion and print market there. It was clear from the beginning that Austin had its own culture and the challenge would be taking that local flair and making it viable for national needs. That is when The Brown Modeling Agency was born. Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South in 2015 and renamed the new, full-service agency, The Brown Modeling Agency. Overnight it became the largest modeling agency in Austin and the only full-service agency there. Justin Brown’s dream of having the resources to go national was now a reality and the company was taking off.

The Brown Modeling Agency is now the largest in Central Texas and one of the largest in the state. They have a lot of talent reaching into every aspect of modeling and their agency has contacts to brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal, and the list of well-known companies across America could go on and on. While the company is only in its second year of existence, it has the talent, connections, and leadership to make it one of the best modeling agencies in the nation.

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The Top Benefits of Investing in Government Issued Coins

Have you ever heard of the U.S. Money Reserve?

They are a company that offers a different solution for Americans looking for a steady and secure investment without risks and can be used to store money in a legitimate way.

This method is quite underrepresented, and for this reason, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the best sources of that type of investment.

So, what investment are we talking about?

U.S. Money Reserve offers government-issued coins of gold, silver or platinum that can be stored and invested in because they never lose their value over time as the American dollar can in times of crisis or economic downfall.

Investing in gold is one of the best investments that can be made because it does not rely on any institution or bank agency and is still a safe bet without risks of losing money or getting scammed.

U.S. Money Reserve has over 400,000 satisfied customers that have invested in their project, learned from their investment advisors and read through their financial tutorials and now are confident that they made the right decision.

The group was featured in the 2016 Gold Summit in Los Angeles, California, where Larry King, a celebrity on the internet and television, hosted the show.

U.S. Money Reserve was represented by Philip Diehl, President of the company, John Rothans, an expert on the subject of investing in government-issued coins; and Brad Castillo, one of the most influential personalities of the group who led many of the administration decisions when he was the Vice President of the Sales department.

The show was extensively informative and the three-chosen people to represent the agency gave a lot of positive data that backed up the idea of investing in government-issued coins.

The 2016 Gold Summit also had the participation of Michael Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, who spoke about his father and the decision of investing in the business that U.S. Money Reserve was promoting. The feedback was extremely positive.

According to Larry King, he had already heard of that investment, although it is still very buried under the other types of investments that are available to Americans, even though they are not a safeguarding method as reliable as this one.

The experts of the company spoke about gold coins as the “last real American currency,” accentuating the benefit that they have of outperforming all the other asset types, especially during an economic crisis. The coins are not affected by any global geopolitical concerns.

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The Four Main French Wine Producing Regions Explained By UKV PLC

Whether a novice or experienced wine collector, London vintner’s UKV PLC have been hoping to make sure each individual has the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the way French wines are produced across the country. For any individual hoping to build a better understanding of the wine industry it is important to know as much as possible about the French wine industry as possible as this is usually seen as the standard bearer for wine production across the world.

French wines are produced and labeled by region instead of by grape variety, which UKV PLC explains is all part of the Terroir theory that places as much value on the soil and climate of the region a wine is produced in as it does grape variety; UKV PLC goes on to explain each wine producing region is known as an appellation and is rated by French government agencies for the standard of the wine that should be produced in that region. The four main wine producing regions of France are Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and the Loire Valley. The seriousness with which region is monitored by French wine regulators is shown in the fact the Loire River Valley is home to 87 different appellations appraised for their wine growing success.

UKV PLC makes sure to keep its team of wine experts small to ensure only the best quality information is passed on to clients at all times. Buying wines is the most important aspect of the work of UKV PLC, which includes using many different supply chains to find the best quality wines as the company avoids the pitfalls of working with a single wine supplier.


How EOS Blew Away The Competition

It was seven years ago that small orbs of lip balm began appearing on shelves of store such as Wal-Mart and Target and online on Amazon. Lip balm isn’t a new products, it’s one we have been using for a century. But in that time nothing has changed about the skin care product except price. Each company has put a new label over the same tube. Along came Evolution of Smooth, which is the full name of the company, and they totally reinvented lip balm. No longer was there an active ingredients list. Gone was the tube. You now see women pulling little balls of lip balm from their purses. EOS brought natural ingredients to the market. They brought many flavors that hadn’t been previously available. More importantly EOS brought fun and enjoyment to a stale product.

Sanjiv Mehra, teamed up with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to create EOS, They saw an opening in the lip balm market. Consumer research showed that the majority of people buying lip balm were women. Wanting to completely innovate the industry with their product they hired a clay artist to help with the design of the container. Their idea was to make a product that would engage all of the senses, from the flavor and smell of the lip balm to the color and feel of the orbs, it was all designed to provide women with a product they would love. And love it they did. EOS sales one million units per week, and the future looks just as promising. Not only is the lip balm flying off the shelves, but EOS is also being seeen being used by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. All the buzz combined with a great product keeps driving sales higher.

Helane Morrison: A Reliable and Trustworthy Lawyer For Your Litigation Needs

Helane L. Morrison, a famous name in securities enforcement industry, holds many key posts at Hall Capital Partners LLC, such as the Managing Director, General Counsel, Principal, CCO, along with the Member of Executive Committee. In November 2007 Morrison joined HCP.



Helane is a lawyer who since few years has directed the law enforcement program of the SEC’s District Office of San Francisco. She said that aims to continue aggressive agenda of the office while serving as San Francisco’s office administrator.



Promotion of Helane is announced by Arthur Levitt, Chairman of SEC and after that announcement; Helane became the first lady to serve as a chief of the district. She said that since past few years, she worked very hard with other people in the administration side to strengthen our impact and presence.



However, before that, she worked at Securities and Exchange Commission on a very crucial position, Regional Director. In SEC, she was in charge of regulatory matters litigation and securities enforcement, in Northern California including five Northwest States as well. Before that, she was working on the head of enforcement for San Francisco office. She represented the SEC in business, legal and monetary communities, and with many other news media and government agencies.



Helane practiced law at the San Francisco law company, Rice, Howard, Canady, Nemerovski, Falk & Rabkin, where she worked hard and ultimately become a partner in 1991. Her practice strictly focused on commercial litigation and protection of SEC matters and private securities actions, and due to her focus, she became of trust in such fields. Helane also lead few corporate investigations to find the culprit. For many months, she worked on many cases for District Attorney Office of the Contra Costa County.



Morrison will manage both the examination and enforcement programs within the jurisdiction of San Francisco office that also includes Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Montana, Alaska, northern Nevada and Idaho. It’s also a part of the Pacific Region that based in Los Angeles.



Since 1996 when she joined the SEC, Morrison supervised a huge number of foremost investigations, including few which resulted in enforcement actions against Dean Witter, Republic Securities, and auditors of CMD.



Before 1996, as a lawyer in practice, Helane represented customers sued by the SEC. She defended SEC clients in class-action suits and symbolized securities industry officers in many SEC investigations. She worked in negotiations defending stock brokerage and brokers firms in suits brought by her customers.

CEO Of Leading Inmate Communications Provider Lives A Charitable Lifestyle

Securus Technologies is a highly interactive inmate regulations provider responsible for surveillance and monitoring. CEO, Rick Smith, has played a major role in expanding the Securus network into a leading inmate communications provider. PRN Newswire has reported that Securus is one of the largest providers in the network. Smith’s commitment to provide quality and effective services that saves his customers time and money lead to them being recipients of the Stevie Award. The Gold Stevie Award is one of the highest honors awarded for customer service.

Rick Smith’s early bio includes a lucrative career with Eschelon Telecom as president and Chief Officer that expands over 2 decades. He has been Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies since 2008. Smith aims to create technology that will keep their services competitive while protecting the safety of the general public. He was also able to secure a Certification 1 that gave them global access. As executive leadership, Smith manages over 24,000+ IT professionals, services in 3 countries, head of daily operations, and a board member of Securus Technologies. He also played a key role in the partnership with Vimeo that has led to remote video visitation features for correctional calls.

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Illegally smuggled cell phones in a correctional facility are the number one threat to the general public. It prevents the justice system from monitoring inmates’ calls, creates a security threat, promotes criminal activity, and violates state laws. Rick Smith leads an active campaign against illegal cellphones in prison. His campaign will not penalize inmates, but create institutional friendly electronics that will reduce the need for cellphones. Securus Technologies is committed to detecting and preventing telecommunications crimes.

Securus CEO, Rick Smith, is responsible for over $530 million in gross revenue. Their capital exceeds their competitors in the inmate communications network. They have been able to build a strong network that reduces the cost of inmate calls and features. Smith is proud to announce their inmate calling network is a nonprofit calling network.

Smith also donates his time and generous resources to local charities. He believes in empowering impoverished children around the world by creating education opportunities and local resources. Rick Smith believes the proper education can help disadvantaged youth to also become activist. He also is a part of an eco-friendly imitative to protect the Earth’s limited resources. You can learn more about Rick Smith through his official Linked In account. Save more on inmate calls with Securus Technologies today. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Rick Shinto Wins Awards For InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is more than just a health institution. It is providing managed physician services along with Medicare Plans. It is a healthcare company that is doing very well. This is because of its innovative strategy. It is able to integrate sustainable models that are cost efficient too, along with highly advanced technologies in the field of healthcare. This institution is well-known today as it provides customers with high-quality healthcare that is affordable too. This is done through Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid, besides a number of such other healthcare networks.

The primary mission of InnovaCare Health is to overcome various challenges that plague the health care system. This way they are able to provide their customers with redefined services in health care. They have headquarters in Fort Lee in New Jersey.

The main reason why this institution has been meeting the changing demands of its customers is due to the capable leadership of Rick Shinto. He is the President as well as the chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. Penelope Kokkinides is serving as the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health. Read more at Intelius about Rick.

Richard Shinto is a highly experienced professional. He has a lot of experience in the medical industry. He had earned his first medical degree from the State University in New York. Later on, he did his MBA from the Redlands University. He graduated from here with first class honors. In addition, Richard Shinto is an author too. He has written a number of articles on healthcare along with on clinical medicine.

Richard Shinto had an experience spanning 20 years in the clinical as well as operational healthcare industry before he joined InnovaCare Health. This means that he brought a lot of value to the table when he joined here. It was this experience in managed care that earned him the position of chief executive officer as well as president of InnovaCare Health.

Richard Shinto had also worked as the CEO of another healthcare institution known as Aveta Inc. He sold this company in 2012. Then he moved on to InnovaCare Health. He worked as the chief medical officer earlier at NAMM that was in California.

Rick Shinto started his career as a pulmonologist. This was in South California. He started his work as an intern. Post that, Shinto was promoted and worked as the Chief Medical Officer in another healthcare company called Cal Optimal Health. This was in California itself. Learn more about Rick on

Capital in Oil

There are a lot of people who are excited about the growth in the oil industry. Over time, this is a place where a lot of capital is needed in order to succeed. Many people are excited about the changes that are starting to place in this area of the economy. RBS Group is one of the leading companies in this part of the world, says In addition, Duda Melzer is the leader of the company who has a lot of aggressive growth plans for the future. If you are ready to start investing in a variety of areas, you need to figure out a way to excel in this area. Not only that, but you need to start working on ways to take your life to the next level as well. This is what Duda Melzer has done from the time he has been young, and it is one of the biggest reasons for his high level of success. He is a great example of the impact that one person can have in this area of the economy.

Duda Melzer

The early life of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is one of a lot of struggle and defeat. However, he has always had the work ethic to get through and help his company get to the next level. With all of the great work that he has done in business, he is starting to think about running for some form of political office. Not only that, but he is also excited about all of the changes that he is starting to make in his life and his career. If you want to take your business to a new level financially, learning from someone like Duda Melzer can help you get there. He is great at teaching others how to succeed in life and business.

Check out his personal website at to learn more about him.

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George Soros: Life and Work

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary from 1944 to 1945, during which 500,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered. This experience had, no doubt, shaped his ideology and informed his life’s work, which is philanthropy. The Jewish Soros and his family survived the occupation by procuring false documents supporting fake identities. His family also assisted other families in hiding their identities. Once the Communists began to govern Hungary, Soros gave up Budapest for London. There he worked as a train porter and a waiter in a nightclub to put himself through the London School of Economics. In 1956 he crossed the Atlantic to resettle in the United States.

Once in the US Soros began to work in banking, and in 1970 he started his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. This fund quickly became one of the most successful funds in the world. After earning his fortune in business, Soros started the Open Society Foundations in 1979. This collection of projects, funds, foundations, and organizations all support the idea of an open society as defined by Karl Popper, who Soros studies at the London School of Economics. This idea that no society can prosper without democratic governance, individual freedoms, and freedom of expression is at the core of the Open Society Foundations’ philanthropic work.

In the early years of the Open Society Foundations, Soros focused the work mainly on the open trade of ideas in the Communist Eastern Bloc. The Open Society Foundations also awarded scholarships to students during apartheid in South Africa as an early project. Eventually, Soros began to expand his work to the United States and other countries. The Central European University was created after the fall of the Berlin Wall to encourage critical thinking. This was practically a revolutionary step as the idea of critical thinking was a foreign concept to the states in the former Soviet Union at the time.

As it expanded across the world, all of the Open Society Foundations work continued to focus on the ideas of transparency, accountable, and democratic societies. Soros was an early opponent of the war on drugs, stating that the war on drugs was, in fact, more harmful than the drug problem. He was also an early supporter of medical marijuana and has been a longtime supporter of same-sex marriage.

While the causes George Soros supports have been vast and varied over time, they all continue to promote the idea of a free and open democratic society. He has often championed difficult or losing causes openly. Soros would himself admit that many of these problems on his plate are difficult, complicated, and unlikely to have a simple solution in his lifetime. That does not discourage his work or, the work of the Open Society Foundations.

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Just What is it About Environmentally Friendly Companies That Makes Them Such a Good Investment?

Eucatex Group is one of the most influential companies in the Brazilian business. As a matter of fact, it is also one of the companies whose main aim is to develop products using the highest level of technology and innovation in the world. For this reason, their products at have been adopted on a massive scale. For the company, they engage in the production of all their goods using the eucalyptus trees as one of the best wood fibre in the production of these products. Because of its uniqueness, the trees work to develop high-end materials through strength and tenseness.

Eucatex Company is one of the companies which serve the country using their products and services. For the company on, nothing gives them more pleasure in business than the joy of protecting the environment knowing that they are keeping it for the future generations. For this reason, they sought to plant numerous trees in the country at their plantations to keep the spirit going for all people. As a matter of fact, Flavio Maluf has also worked to develop high-end solutions to the issues concerning the environment by finding the individuals and non-profit organizations which work to have their services offered to the citizens through their campaigns.

During the time when the company was incepted in Brazil, there were minimal laws which were issued to protect the country concerning the environment. For this reason, they came to them with the aid of what seemed like an angel. Eucatex has also served the country to produce the best products using the trees they plant and replace after harvesting.

Flavio Maluf is the brains behind the success story of the company in all its endeavors. It was during his time in the company when they started exporting most of their products to overseas markets. For this reason, he has to be thanked for the effort he has taken to propel the company to greatness. Flavio Maluf has also worked to have the company succeed in its entire endeavor in matters concerning management and governance. When he became the third president of the company, Flavio Maluf was charged with the task to develop a new management system.