Charlamagne Tha God Is A Shook One

If you listen to iHeartRadio’s morning hip-hop talk show, The Breakfast Club, then you may already be familiar with the provocative co-host, Charlamagne Tha God. Not only does he help drive the national dialogue on racism in America, issues in society, and politics, Charlamagne also keeps himself busy on the Brilliant Idiots podcast, running his production company, CThaGod World LLC, and writing books about his life experiences.

His most recent work, “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me,” is a retelling of experiences that have caused Charlamagne to reach out to a therapist due to PTSD and anxiety. Many of the actions that he has taken up until his time in therapy were performed mainly because of his irrational fears and anxiety from various fights, attacks, and racism that the multi-faceted celebrity has faced in his lifetime. Once, as a younger version of himself, Charlamagne sold crack to a woman in his home state of South Carolina, leading her daughter to quit school and stay home to take care of her drug-addicted mother. Charlamagne has stated in recent interviews that he will never forgive himself for stealing away that young girl’s education through his actions.

To judge him as he once was, however, is unfair, Charlamagne stated in a recent interview saying he’s not the man he was at the age of20 or 30-years-old. Charlamagne has worked diligently in therapy and changed his narrative on life entirely as he is working on personal growth. Because of the #MeToo movement and being a happily married man and father of two little girls, with a third on the way, Charlamagne is all for any initiative that improves life for women. It is his thought, which all men need to step up when it comes to how they treat the women in their lives.
Diving into his most recent written work gives Charlamagne’s fans a unique inside look on the life of the celebrity, and also black anxiety running rampant in the United States, which he has labeled being Blackanoid.

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