One of the Most Successful Companies in Financial Advisory Services – Southridge Capital

The Southridge Capital LLC is an organization that specializes in providing advice, finances and publicity to fledgling companies. As a financial company, Southridge Capital has also embraced the cryptocurrency era where they help their clients in understanding and executing their financial plans. The company has an experienced executive team that works tirelessly in helping their clients with their ideas about growing their businesses. Also, Southridge Capital’s package includes the structured financial plans such as the credit enhancement, financing solutions, and securitization.



Further, Southridge Capital was established in 1996 where it has currently invested over $1.8 billion to the global companies ever since it was founded. What’s more, Southridge Capital uses its skills and expertise in growing their client’s businesses as it is well vast with the start-up company’s challenges where they step in to make their journey of transforming to the public organization much easier. Besides, some of its other services include the bankruptcy advice, restructuring analysis, mergers and acquisition, optimization of the balance sheet, and legal settlement among many more. For more details visit Crunchbase.


About Southridge Company Leadership


The Southridge was founded by Stephen M. Hicks who also serves as the CEO of the organization. He is responsible for the business growth and development of the company where he sets the direction for the company. Equally important, Hicks has a 30-year experience in the field of investment besides remaining active in the financial structuring over the years. Further, Stephen M Hicks is a graduate of King’s College located in Briarcliff Manor, New York where he earned his BS in Business Administration. He also attended the Fordham University, New York where he received his MBA.


How Stephen Hicks started the Company


Stephen Hick’s idea to start the Southridge Company came about when he was an employee at a small hedge fund firm after their principal’s decision to go back to Australia. As a business oriented individual, Hicks asked if he could create his own hedge firm before the closing of the company while still working where he was allowed to start Southridge. Currently, Hick has managed to maintain his business by planning his daily activities besides checking for new clients and opportunities. In addition, one trend that excites Stephen M Hicks is the current trend of the cryptocurrency usage. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Fortress Investment Group Providing Comprehensive Financial Services to Institutional Investor

Fortress Investment Group is one of the most significant alternative asset and investment managers in the world. The company was founded in the year 1998 by three of the well-known dignitaries from the world of finance in the United States, Rob Kauffmann, Wesley Edens, and Randal Nardone. The trio manages to pull Fortress Investment Group into becoming one of the largest private equity firms in the country, and the first one to get listed publicly in the stock market.Having started small, the Fortress Investment Group is amongst the most significant alternative assets managers in the world with headquarters in New York. It has branches in many different parts of the globe to stay close to the commercial hubs and institutional clients and affluent individuals. As of now, Fortress investment Group manages assets around $50 billion, a figure that has constantly been increasing in the past few years. Currently, the company is handling the asset portfolio for its more than 1,800 clients, collectively amounting to more than $50 billion.

The specialty of Fortress Investment Group for what it is primarily known for is its focus and expertise in discovering and identifying alternative asset class that is growth oriented.With the aim to provide its clients with investment options that would correctly align with the clients’ financial objectives, minimize risk, and help with consecutive and long-term goals, Fortress Investment Group has risen to become one of the most trusted investment managers in the world. The company has won several awards and recognition in the past few years, including being named the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year by the famous magazine, Institutional Investor. In the year 2010 and 2011, Institutional Investor also called Fortress Investment Group as the Credit-Focused Fund of the Year. The investment strategies of Fortress Investment Group are straightforward, focused, and with minimum risk. The financial strategy adopted by the company has been providing consistent results since the launch and has become the reason why more and more companies and high net-worth individuals are entrusting Fortress Investment Group to manage their asset.

The company was recently sold to Softbank Group Corp for $3.3 billion, but Fortress Investment Group continues to function independently. As per the announcement that came from both the companies after the acquisition, all the due diligence procedures have been completed. The shares of Fortress Investment Group are transferred in entirety to Softbank Group Corp. Achieving high returns from investments in the current state of the financial and equity markets is very tough. However, Fortress Investment Group has not disappointed its clients by ensuring they continue to get consistent returns. Fortress Investment Group spends millions on research to help find direct access news from different industries, which is what makes the company one of the tops in the industry as of now. Fortress Investment Group also handles operation management for its clients and provides services corporate mergers and acquisitions as well. The company has the extensive spectrum of industry knowledge that it uses to provide clientele with information and knowledge they need to make sound financial decisions.

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Sound Investment With Paul Mampilly

Money matters are sensitive subjects for every individual, business, or organization today. With the future uncertainties, these entities have the need to invest to secure their financial future. For this reason, services of financial experts are required to interpret the investment environment and increase the chances of gaining returns from the investments. Paul Mampilly is one such prolific professional in the investment arena.

Paul Mampilly is a renowned financial expert focusing on investment. In 2016, he boarded the ship with The Sovereign Society as a Senior Editor. He serves to help Main Street Americans to create wealth through growth investing, technology, small-cap stocks and other unique opportunities. More so, Paul is an academic with a degree in Economics from City University of New York-Hunter College, an MBA in Finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business, and is also a Financial Engineer courtesy of New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering.

Paul Mampilly possesses extensive experience in the financial field. Having started out as an Analyst at Deutsche Asset Management and ING in 1980, Paul has over 25 years on the financial decks. He, later on, became a Money Manager for a number of firms, including the Bankers Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears, and a Swiss bank.

His performance on the investment scale is incredible. Between 2009 and 2010, he oversaw investments at Kinetics International Fund, a $25 billion hedge fund. Under his watch, the firm reflected high returns of 67% and 20% respectively. With the world under watch, his services were highly demanded, and he later joined the Templeton Foundation.

Paul also runs a consulting firm. In 2013, he founded the Capuchin Consulting, which is a renowned company that provides unique money making ideas to professional investors. Besides, he has also served as an Editor and Analyst for Agora Financial Biotech Franchise, FDA, where he oversaw turnovers of over $6 million in his tenure. Also, he offered investment ideas, research, and commentary that were used in the firm’s financial publications.

With the advancement in technology, Paul believes that investors’ lives will be transformed for better. He invents profitable investment opportunities through this revolution. Besides, he dedicates his time to write about the integration of technology in investment.

Sam Tabar Reaches Out to His Clients through Social Media

Many individuals across the world have social media accounts. It’s up to a person to choose what it is that they do with their accounts. While others invite friends out and share their outlook on different issues, Sam Tabar uses his platforms for business purposes.

He aims at ensuring that he does all that is within his abilities to give his followers a business aspect of life. As an entrepreneur, he appreciates that his clients are on social media. He, therefore, ensures that they know what he is up to and that he will give them the options they need to better their lives.

Social media is a platform from which many individuals have contacted him to understand better the business models that he uses. His profile pictures are professional all the way. He loves traveling, throwing parties and charity events, only that he does not put this on his social media platforms.

Sam Tabar has held various roles in the corporative world and has leaped much success. At Sparx Group, the role he played as the managing director is quite impressive, especially because he was selected to head the company’s global marketing initiatives while he still was on the investor relations docket.

The passion he portrays in financial management is appealing. One of the most significant steps he has made in his career as a financial advisor and an attorney was when he was named the head of Merrill Lynch Capital strategy slot.

Out of his dedication in this position, his company entered the Asian- Pacific markets. This was as a result of combining law, multilingual and financial management skills. Choosing the services of Sam Tabar would be a very informed decision. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He has law and business administration degree both which he earned from the Oxford University. He attended Columbia Law School where he graduated with an LLM degree. That is not all since he has held various positions in different industries including fashion, law, and apparel among others. He also can speak fluently in French, English, and Japanese. He would, therefore, be suitable for all the financial advisory and law services.