Takes its Game to a New Level after the Acquisition of College Savings Bank.

Nexbank was recently ranked at the 8th position in the list of the best performing banking organizations in the United States. In a report that was released by the Independent Bankers Magazine, the organization had convinced the surveyors of its ability to serve the customers diligently and with a lot of zeal. The main criteria used to rank the performance of these banking institutions in the report were the weighted average returns on their investments as well as the level of customer service rendered in the organizations. In this list of the “Best of the Best” companies in the banking industry, Nexbank was able to secure position eight, being one of the largest banking and investment companies in the region.

With its CEO, John Holt, the organization has improved its performance compared to the other previous years that it has been in operation. The weighted average return of the organization has also grown tremendously, an aspect that has contributed to the high ranking of the company in the industry. Strong leadership is one of the factors that can be attributed to the growth of the Nexbank. Mr. Holt and the rest of the senior management team have been able to lead the organization to become an industry leader. However, to reach the position that it boasts of at the moment, the company has implemented some prudent strategies which include partnerships and acquisitions with other organizations.

For instance, Nexbank has recently announced the completion of the acquisition of College Savings Bank. This is an organization that has been so instrumental in ensuring that families in the United States save for their children’s education. This has been made successful through provision of education insurance and other funding facilities by the organization. The acquisition transaction by Nexbank will see the funding abilities of the organization enhanced due to the wide capital base of the acquirer, Nexbank. However, the partnership was a win-win transaction because, on the other hand, Nexbank is also expected to leverage the wide customer base of College Savings Bank. The association will see the services rendered by the two banks to the citizens of the United States enhanced and hence more customer satisfaction.