Alex Hern Takes A “Marathon” Approach To High-Tech Development

Alex Hern is no fan of multitasking. He much prefers to focus intensely on one specific goal for four to five hours a day and make solid progress toward achieving that goal before moving on to something else.

It’s a formula that seems to have worked well for this fantastically successful businessman and technology entrepreneur. Alex Hern’s 25-year career is a textbook study of what it takes to create early-stage projects and grow them into monster, cash-generating operations.

Hern is the the founder of Tsunami XR, a firm that is a leader in immersive software technology. It provides digital workspace platforms, digital meeting spaces, 3D rendering, animation, simulation and visualization solutions for clients who want to optimize their workspace productivity.

He is also the founder of TAGS, a cutting-edge messaging technology firm. Hern founded both Tsunami and TAGS in 2014. Also, a year later in 2015, Hern created Silicon Turf, a start-up technology incubator company.

Created new businesses from the ground up is what Alex Hern has been doing for more than a quarter of a century. Listing every venture he has founded or participated in would take many pages beyond the scope of this article. But how does he do it?

Hern said the majority of his new ideas come to him at night while most other people are sleeping. He likes the quiet, rare hours of the overnight realm because it’s free of distractions and clamor of the day. It’s a time when his mind can flow.

What Hern is excited about these days is the burgeoning potential of AI and graphics applications in cloud-based computing. He gets excited about the potential of augmented reality and its ability to transform fundamentally the way work gets done.

For Alex Hern, it’s all about “focus” and remembering that, in his words, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Paul Mampilly Wants Investing To Be For Everyone

The investment world was wondering what their “poster boy” Paul Mampilly was up to until he released a shocking video on the internet recently. In 2010 Paul Mampilly called it quits when it came to Wall Street despite helping corporations see millions in returns. One of his most well-known achievements was helping one of the “world’s best” money management firms grow their worth by around $19 billion.

For more than 25 years he Paul Mampilly was considered to be one of the best of the best in the investment world and insiders were clamoring for his advice. His own personal account grew by more than 6,000 percent and he recently announced on a private website that he wanted to share his investment secrets with the rest of America. He helped a single investor make more than $100,000 with just one recommendation and now this information will be available to all of the followers of his Banyan Hill Publishing newsletter.

While many of his former clients are bound to be unhappy about Paul Mampilly sharing his knowledge with the masses, he doesn’t care what the establishment thinks about his actions. One of the biggest investment secrets that he is sharing includes a tiny device that he predicts will become an industry worth $19 trillion by 2020. With a prediction of 50 billion of these 1/100″ sized devices predicted to be in use by that time the industry will increase in value by around 8,000%.

Paul Mampilly used to give this type of advice to his clients that were already worth billions, but he grew tired of watching them be the only ones succeeding in the United States. By following his newsletters and different publishing the Americans of Main Street can get in on industries like the one mentioned on the ground floor. This type of investment knowledge is how he managed to see a 78% return during an intense competition that took place during the 2008 and 2009 economic crisis while other investors were seeing millions in losses. It’s time that investing was opened up to everyone instead of just the big players in the industry.

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