Roseann Bennett Betters Healthcare Through The Introduction Of Telemedicine


Human health is an important aspect. Many forms of ailments exist, and some of the cases are somewhat isolated since specialized medical attention is required. As a result, the likes of Roseann Bennett have taken it upon themselves to come up with nonprofit health agencies. Since Roseann Bennet had the heart to help and give back to the society, she launched the Center for Treatment and Assessment.


Background Data


Roseann Bennett undertook studies about marriage and family therapy at the Seton Hall University. Currently, she is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has also studied cognitive behavior therapy at the REACH Institute.


As the founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment, Roseann Bennett partnered with Dr. Todd Bennet to make sure that the facility was up and running. It did take many years to establish the facility, but it is now up and running. The facility is geared towards assisting individuals who are in pursuit of healthcare services that will ensure that their mental health is stable at all times. You will always be treated regardless of your financial status. See This Page to learn more.


Additional Information


Roseann Bennett is a dedicated entrepreneur who also gives back to the society wholeheartedly. Of late, her main agenda has been to make sure that mental therapy is accessible to everyone. Recently, Roseann Bennett has unveiled a form of mental therapy known as telemedicine. Telemedicine is quite efficient since it allows you to keep in touch with your therapist through text messages, emails or even online platforms such as Skype.




Telemedicine might signify the end of face to face therapies, but Roseann Bennett still advises the patients that it is also good to engage in face to face therapies from time to time. As advantageous as telemedicine may seem, it also has its pros and cons, that is why Roseann Bennett still advice about the importance of face to face therapies. Read more about how Bennett Looks At The Future Of Therapy.