Heal And Soothe Fights Inflammation, Kills Free Radicals And Helps Against Pain

Dr. Max Wolf studied chronic pain at the Columbia University system for more than 30 years. His work centered around why younger people had a different response to pain than older people. He wanted to discover the relationship between age and chronic pain.


He found that the bodies of younger people flooded the sites of pain with particular enzymes. These enzymes help to reduce inflammation, open up blood vessels and to destroy free radicals. He found that the bodies of older people had much less of this enzyme group.


He then turned his focus to why people lose this enzyme over time. After multiple studies, he concluded that the body’s natural production of this enzyme begins to diminish right around the age of 27. The body’s response to pain begins to decline slowly through the years afterwards.


The doctor discovered that the proteolytic enzymes in Heal N Soothe were breaking down free radicals using a lock-and-key system. Essentially, these enzymes floated around the bloodstream until they found toxins. The enzyme then went to work destroying these toxins which went a long way in reducing inflammation. It also helped open up blood vessels at the sites of pain which increases blood flow. And blood flow is essential to healing which diminishes pain quickly. Go To This Page for related information.


The doctor then poured his findings into the creation of Heal and Soothe. This is part of what he calls Systemic Enzyme Therapy. Heal and Soothe aims to replenish the natural enzymes in a person’s body. This can go a long way in helping the sufferers of chronic pain deal with their maladies.


Systemic Enzyme Therapy essentially wants to turn back your body’s clock by using 12 different natural pain fighters found in the enzymes. Replenishing these enzymes should also help reduce inflammation throughout the entire body. And this can be crucial in fighting off many age-related diseases that are linked to inflammation.


The ingredients found in Heal and Soothe are completely natural with no chemicals or additives. You’ll only find your own bodies enzymes within the product. Heal N Soothe has also shown promise in returning to normal sensation to the sites of chronic pain.


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