Fabletics And Kate Hudson – Great Strides

Kate Hudson decided to open a company to sell her clothing designs. She has a whole line of exercise wear clothing, as well as other casual designs for women that like to look sharp, and be comfortable too. She went out of her way to understand what women were looking for, and she designed it for them. She also knows that they like convenience, and she created her club, which is very good for women all over the country.


Her club is based online, and it is free to join. Once they sign up for the club, they can then put in their likes and dislikes, and this allows Kate Hudson to see what they are looking for. She then, sends them some items that she thinks they will like, based on the online information, and they have the choice of whether or not to purchase them. They are under no obligation, and it doesn’t cost them any money to take a look at the items. They can send them back, if they decide that they don’t like them, but in most cases, they decide to purchase them and keep them. They can also decide to sign up for her free newsletter. This will keep them informed of the latest designs that she has made, and when they will be coming out. Women love to see what she comes up with on a regular basis, because her ideas and designs are fresh and different, yet the items are very easy to clean because they are made very well.


Kate Hudson uses a technique called a reverse showroom. When she uses the reverse showroom, women will be able to come in her physical stores to see actual items, and how they are made, but the store will not be stocked fully. This saves on space and overhead, so Kate Hudson does most of her marketing online, as do other competitors of hers, like Amazon.com. Using online marketing to her advantage has really helped her to launch and sustain her business on a regular basis. She is able to concentrate on designing more items, and getting them out to the women that love her ideas and designs.


In the next year, she will be opening more physical stores, in certain areas that she knows her clothing line will sell. She is a true example of how well someone can get a business up and running in a couple of years when they do their research, and know what the public wants.