Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, the now Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom Daniel Taub, is privileged to represent his ancestral homeland to the nation he immigrated to almost 30 years prior to his elevation to status as the Ambassador. In his time as the Ambassador he has done great things to strengthen Israel’s ties to its allies across the globe.

Taub was educated at University College in Oxford, University College in London as well as Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He moved to Israel in 1989 and served the Israeli Defense Force as a combat medic as well as a law officer in their reserve division.

His work for the Israeli Foreign Ministry began in 1991. Daniel Taub has held many posts both legal as well as diplomatic before serving as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 until 2015. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Within the first four years of his time as the Ambassador, Taub has outright doubled the level of economic trade between Israel and the United Kingdom. He has also strengthened the academic, cultural and business links between the two nations.

Throughout his years as the Ambassador, Taub has been there in the middle of many crises and has put Israel’s case to the government in addition to utilizing media outlets such as Today and Newsnight as well as in sessions with businessmen and women as well as those influential within the academic sphere.

Being a devout Orthodox Jew, Daniel Taub has made it clear throughout his time as Ambassador that he has a very high value on the importance of cross-cultural and interfaith activities, having himself been invited to teach Hebrew and Bible study classes at Westminster Abby as well as at the Church of England Synod.

Throughout his career Taub has given many interviews as well as lectures and public talks and throughout these he has been well remembered for his humor as well as his ability to stay on point.

Having grown up in the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub has developed strong ties with the Jewish community within the U.K. and was responsible for implementing the Closer to Israel program that was implemented by the Jewish community for Israel’s 65th anniversary.

It is clear that throughout his diplomatic and legal career, Daniel Taub has put forth magnanimous effort to create bridges between peoples of differing faiths and cultures.

His ability to bring people together and bring humor to otherwise dry topics has made him one of the most memorable Ambassadors Israel has ever seen.

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