The Truth about Human and Civil Rights

Human and civil Rights are extremely important to people everywhere. These rights are important because they allow all people to exist without being restricted or downtrodden by governments, institutions or social organizations. All Human and Civil Rights are necessary for people to live a life that is free from hatred, oppression, aggression and tyranny. The following material will look at human and civil rights in the modern world and shed truth on this very important subject.

In 2017, human and civil rights are constantly being challenged all over the world. One group of people that are subject to the problems surrounding human rights are the Syrian refugees. The Syrian War started in 2011 and it caused millions of Syrian people to be displaced from their home. Many of these individuals have fled eastward from Syria into Europe. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |LinkedIn

The Syrian refuges were a vulnerable group. They were preyed upon by various criminal elements during their journey across land and sea. This group of refugees were also marginalized by some governments once they had arrived at their borders. The truth is that human rights can easily be violated by any institution, government, group or individual at any given time. The plight of the Syrian people then and now; proves this to be true.

Many of the immigrants that reside in the southwest part of the United States often have their civil rights violated. This group of people come to America trying to make a better life. While some are well received, many are discriminated against. They experience prejudice and discrimination in the form of race, national origin and political affiliation.

In 2007 two men from Phoenix, Arizona had their civil rights violated. The men were the co-founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, of the Phoenix Times News and they had reported a story about a corrupt sheriff that was violating the rights of immigrants. Apparently, the sheriff did not like the story and was able to get a subpoena. The sheriff used the subpoena to snatch the men from out of their homes in the middle of the night and cart them off to jail.

Michael and Jim took the sheriff to court and won a lawsuit that proved their constitutional rights were violated. When the case was over the two men had won nearly $4 million dollars for damages. Lacey and Larkin used the money to create the Frontera Fund which is designed to help various organizations in Arizona to continue their fight against immigrant rights violations.

America is a country that is known for violating immigrant and minority rights. However, this nation is also known as a great place to live and grow. Protecting a person’s human and civil rights are important. No one should have their rights violated and they should not be limited by another group of people.

The Constitution of the United States protects the citizens of this country and even immigrants or refugees once they arrive. Human and civil rights are extremely important. Truth is, without these inalienable rights, no person would be safe from the tyranny that is possible from various governments and groups.

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George Soros: A Rise To The Top

George Soros started out his life in a spot where success was not given. Soros was born in a Nazi-Germany occupied Hungary in 1930. At the age of 17, Soros fled from the country to England where his real life would soon begin. There in England he would attend the London School of Economics while working multiple jobs such as being a waiter and a railroad reporter. He would eventually graduate with a bachelor’s degree, and even a master’s in philosophy. With these in his grasp, George started his finance career at a merchant bank. However, this would only be the start of his rise to the top. With education and assets to use at his advantage, Soros was soon ready to take his career to the next level. In order to pursue this, he moved to New York where he would get his start on Wall Street. Read more on

In New York, Soros began by creating his own hedge fund in 1969. This fund would originally be called the Double Eagle. The profit from the first fund, later rebranded as the ‘Quantum Fund,’ would exceed expectations. It did so to the point that Soros was able to make a second fund called Soros Fund Management. Soros’s main focus would stick with the Quantum Fund. The Quantum Fund, which started as a $12 million company would eventually turn into a $25 billion company. George Soros had many other achievements as well. One of which that must be noted was shorting the British pound. In 1992 with the help of Stan Drunkenmiller, Soros shorted the British pound and made an insane profit. The amount of money he made was so impressive that he was later known as the man who broke the Bank of England. Today, George Soros remains a heavyweight through his second hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. A company that now boasts of $30 billion in assets. It is a job that Soros obviously can’t do on his own. In 2017 Soros hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, a prominent woman on Wall Street, to be chief investment officer of his investment. She is the seventh CIO for Sorus Fund Management since 2000. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Overall, Soros is considered by many people to be one of the most successful investors in the world. Through all of his funds, George Soros’s net worth has reached an outstanding $25.2 billion.

The Changing Face of Baltimore’s Landscape with Todd Lubar

The Baltimore landscape has changed with more young professionals moving into the city. Baltimore is attracting the young professional because of its reasonable housing rates compared to the Washington DC area. Young professionals like the fact that Baltimore has started offering amenities that only Washington DC used to offer, reveals More importantly to young professionals is the fact that it is easier to start up a company in Baltimore.

The renovation of older historic buildings has attracted some who love the idea of the reuse of old buildings for new purposes. The ongoing community support for artistic and entrepreneur endeavors has also endeared the younger set to Baltimore. A prime example of this type of growth is Under Armour. Under Armour converted an older building on Light Street to attract young professionals to spend time downtown and to stay.

Todd Lubar has a history in the real estate industry. Lubar believes that the trend of young professionals moving into Baltimore will continue. The proximity of areas to work and play is a contributing factor to Baltimore’s growth for the younger generation. Easy access to restaurants and entertainment are good incentives for young professionals to entertain clients. Young professionals with growing families enjoy the fact that housing is relatively inexpensive and there are good schools in the area.

Lubar’s expertise in Baltimore’s real estate market comes from his many ventures in Maryland’s real estate market. He has served in many capacities and learned the ins and outs of the market for over 20 years. His expertise in financing and credit has also provided many individuals with the means and the understanding of how to finance their dream.

The understanding of how the real estate market works combined with his expertise has helped many businesses invest in real estate throughout Maryland. Todd Lubar believes that you should surround yourself with people that you can trust and challenge you. The changing face of Baltimore’s landscape is probably one of the biggest challenges that Lubar and others in the real estate market have faced. Lubar has met that challenge by helping others realize their housing dreams.

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Securus Technologies – Helping Build Safer and More Secure Communities Through the Use of Technology

Securus Technologies is a leading government information, parolee tracking, and inmate communication and technology services provider in the United States. The company has made tremendous progress in the field from the time of its inception in the year 1986. Today, it serves over 1.2 million parolees and prisoners in 45 states, and in Mexico, Canada, and the District of Columbia.


The company believes in using technology as a potent tool to better the lives of the inmates who are living in isolation, away from the friends and families. Securus Technologies offer high-end communication services that make it possible for the prisoners to communicate with their relatives and friends on a regular basis.


The company offers a wide variety of services, including the phone services; web-based messaging system, e-mail services, and photo sharing services, kiosks, money transfer services, video services, and more. At present, more than 2,600 correctional facilities across the United States rely on the technology and services offered by the Securus Technologies. The company has close to 600 patents in its name, and the count is expected to rise considerably in the years to come as it continues to focus on research and development to better and modernize the incarceration experience.


Securus Technologies recently shared with the world what the law enforcement officials feel about the company’s services through a press release. In the media release published by the Securus Technologies on the internet, it showcased a series of comments and excerpts from the letters sent to the company’s headquarters in Dallas by hundreds of law enforcement officials from across the country. The law enforcement officials said that the enterprise’s services help them make arrests timely and get the necessary evidence to convict the offenders in the court. I can relate to the press release altogether and feel it is one of the best technology firm in the correctional sphere today.


Sam Tabar Reaches Out to His Clients through Social Media

Many individuals across the world have social media accounts. It’s up to a person to choose what it is that they do with their accounts. While others invite friends out and share their outlook on different issues, Sam Tabar uses his platforms for business purposes.

He aims at ensuring that he does all that is within his abilities to give his followers a business aspect of life. As an entrepreneur, he appreciates that his clients are on social media. He, therefore, ensures that they know what he is up to and that he will give them the options they need to better their lives.

Social media is a platform from which many individuals have contacted him to understand better the business models that he uses. His profile pictures are professional all the way. He loves traveling, throwing parties and charity events, only that he does not put this on his social media platforms.

Sam Tabar has held various roles in the corporative world and has leaped much success. At Sparx Group, the role he played as the managing director is quite impressive, especially because he was selected to head the company’s global marketing initiatives while he still was on the investor relations docket.

The passion he portrays in financial management is appealing. One of the most significant steps he has made in his career as a financial advisor and an attorney was when he was named the head of Merrill Lynch Capital strategy slot.

Out of his dedication in this position, his company entered the Asian- Pacific markets. This was as a result of combining law, multilingual and financial management skills. Choosing the services of Sam Tabar would be a very informed decision. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He has law and business administration degree both which he earned from the Oxford University. He attended Columbia Law School where he graduated with an LLM degree. That is not all since he has held various positions in different industries including fashion, law, and apparel among others. He also can speak fluently in French, English, and Japanese. He would, therefore, be suitable for all the financial advisory and law services.

The Brown Modeling Agency: Growing in Texas and Beyond

The Brown Agency is the premier modeling agency for fashion and print models in Austin, Texas. Justin Brown, the founder of the agency, began his career as a “fit” model to help put him through college. As a model he could bring in $100 per hour modeling as opposed to the $6 per hour he could make working at the local golf course. What began as a means to an end became a passion for Justin Brown and a few years later, The Brown Modeling Agency was born?

While most models were interested in making the shoot work, Brown was more interested in what was going on behind the cameras. As a Business Management major, he could see the potential in the modeling market. After successfully completing modeling jobs for different agencies across Southern California, Justin Brown landed a job in development and placement for a local firm. This basically entailed training other models to “act like pros,” and Mr. Brown quickly developed an expertise in this area.

After spending some time perfecting his craft in California, Justin Brown moved to Austin and initially began a development business to train models in the area. He immediately connected with the city and saw the need for an agency that could provide models for the burgeoning fashion and print market there. It was clear from the beginning that Austin had its own culture and the challenge would be taking that local flair and making it viable for national needs. That is when The Brown Modeling Agency was born. Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South in 2015 and renamed the new, full-service agency, The Brown Modeling Agency. Overnight it became the largest modeling agency in Austin and the only full-service agency there. Justin Brown’s dream of having the resources to go national was now a reality and the company was taking off.

The Brown Modeling Agency is now the largest in Central Texas and one of the largest in the state. They have a lot of talent reaching into every aspect of modeling and their agency has contacts to brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal, and the list of well-known companies across America could go on and on. While the company is only in its second year of existence, it has the talent, connections, and leadership to make it one of the best modeling agencies in the nation.

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The Top Benefits of Investing in Government Issued Coins

Have you ever heard of the U.S. Money Reserve?

They are a company that offers a different solution for Americans looking for a steady and secure investment without risks and can be used to store money in a legitimate way.

This method is quite underrepresented, and for this reason, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the best sources of that type of investment.

So, what investment are we talking about?

U.S. Money Reserve offers government-issued coins of gold, silver or platinum that can be stored and invested in because they never lose their value over time as the American dollar can in times of crisis or economic downfall.

Investing in gold is one of the best investments that can be made because it does not rely on any institution or bank agency and is still a safe bet without risks of losing money or getting scammed.

U.S. Money Reserve has over 400,000 satisfied customers that have invested in their project, learned from their investment advisors and read through their financial tutorials and now are confident that they made the right decision.

The group was featured in the 2016 Gold Summit in Los Angeles, California, where Larry King, a celebrity on the internet and television, hosted the show.

U.S. Money Reserve was represented by Philip Diehl, President of the company, John Rothans, an expert on the subject of investing in government-issued coins; and Brad Castillo, one of the most influential personalities of the group who led many of the administration decisions when he was the Vice President of the Sales department.

The show was extensively informative and the three-chosen people to represent the agency gave a lot of positive data that backed up the idea of investing in government-issued coins.

The 2016 Gold Summit also had the participation of Michael Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, who spoke about his father and the decision of investing in the business that U.S. Money Reserve was promoting. The feedback was extremely positive.

According to Larry King, he had already heard of that investment, although it is still very buried under the other types of investments that are available to Americans, even though they are not a safeguarding method as reliable as this one.

The experts of the company spoke about gold coins as the “last real American currency,” accentuating the benefit that they have of outperforming all the other asset types, especially during an economic crisis. The coins are not affected by any global geopolitical concerns.

To learn more about the team and read their extensive informative website, enter

The Four Main French Wine Producing Regions Explained By UKV PLC

Whether a novice or experienced wine collector, London vintner’s UKV PLC have been hoping to make sure each individual has the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the way French wines are produced across the country. For any individual hoping to build a better understanding of the wine industry it is important to know as much as possible about the French wine industry as possible as this is usually seen as the standard bearer for wine production across the world.

French wines are produced and labeled by region instead of by grape variety, which UKV PLC explains is all part of the Terroir theory that places as much value on the soil and climate of the region a wine is produced in as it does grape variety; UKV PLC goes on to explain each wine producing region is known as an appellation and is rated by French government agencies for the standard of the wine that should be produced in that region. The four main wine producing regions of France are Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and the Loire Valley. The seriousness with which region is monitored by French wine regulators is shown in the fact the Loire River Valley is home to 87 different appellations appraised for their wine growing success.

UKV PLC makes sure to keep its team of wine experts small to ensure only the best quality information is passed on to clients at all times. Buying wines is the most important aspect of the work of UKV PLC, which includes using many different supply chains to find the best quality wines as the company avoids the pitfalls of working with a single wine supplier.


How EOS Blew Away The Competition

It was seven years ago that small orbs of lip balm began appearing on shelves of store such as Wal-Mart and Target and online on Amazon. Lip balm isn’t a new products, it’s one we have been using for a century. But in that time nothing has changed about the skin care product except price. Each company has put a new label over the same tube. Along came Evolution of Smooth, which is the full name of the company, and they totally reinvented lip balm. No longer was there an active ingredients list. Gone was the tube. You now see women pulling little balls of lip balm from their purses. EOS brought natural ingredients to the market. They brought many flavors that hadn’t been previously available. More importantly EOS brought fun and enjoyment to a stale product.

Sanjiv Mehra, teamed up with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to create EOS, They saw an opening in the lip balm market. Consumer research showed that the majority of people buying lip balm were women. Wanting to completely innovate the industry with their product they hired a clay artist to help with the design of the container. Their idea was to make a product that would engage all of the senses, from the flavor and smell of the lip balm to the color and feel of the orbs, it was all designed to provide women with a product they would love. And love it they did. EOS sales one million units per week, and the future looks just as promising. Not only is the lip balm flying off the shelves, but EOS is also being seeen being used by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. All the buzz combined with a great product keeps driving sales higher.

Helane Morrison: A Reliable and Trustworthy Lawyer For Your Litigation Needs

Helane L. Morrison, a famous name in securities enforcement industry, holds many key posts at Hall Capital Partners LLC, such as the Managing Director, General Counsel, Principal, CCO, along with the Member of Executive Committee. In November 2007 Morrison joined HCP.



Helane is a lawyer who since few years has directed the law enforcement program of the SEC’s District Office of San Francisco. She said that aims to continue aggressive agenda of the office while serving as San Francisco’s office administrator.



Promotion of Helane is announced by Arthur Levitt, Chairman of SEC and after that announcement; Helane became the first lady to serve as a chief of the district. She said that since past few years, she worked very hard with other people in the administration side to strengthen our impact and presence.



However, before that, she worked at Securities and Exchange Commission on a very crucial position, Regional Director. In SEC, she was in charge of regulatory matters litigation and securities enforcement, in Northern California including five Northwest States as well. Before that, she was working on the head of enforcement for San Francisco office. She represented the SEC in business, legal and monetary communities, and with many other news media and government agencies.



Helane practiced law at the San Francisco law company, Rice, Howard, Canady, Nemerovski, Falk & Rabkin, where she worked hard and ultimately become a partner in 1991. Her practice strictly focused on commercial litigation and protection of SEC matters and private securities actions, and due to her focus, she became of trust in such fields. Helane also lead few corporate investigations to find the culprit. For many months, she worked on many cases for District Attorney Office of the Contra Costa County.



Morrison will manage both the examination and enforcement programs within the jurisdiction of San Francisco office that also includes Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Montana, Alaska, northern Nevada and Idaho. It’s also a part of the Pacific Region that based in Los Angeles.



Since 1996 when she joined the SEC, Morrison supervised a huge number of foremost investigations, including few which resulted in enforcement actions against Dean Witter, Republic Securities, and auditors of CMD.



Before 1996, as a lawyer in practice, Helane represented customers sued by the SEC. She defended SEC clients in class-action suits and symbolized securities industry officers in many SEC investigations. She worked in negotiations defending stock brokerage and brokers firms in suits brought by her customers.