Straight Razor Hair Cutting with Donald Scott NYC Tools

Straight razors are the new modern hair cutting tools to be used in order to achieve some of the most unique, 21st-century hairstyles. These tools are particularly beneficial for those individuals who have wavy or curly hair. The most polished and defined hair strand ends can be achieved when cutting hair with straight razors. Hair bangs or fringes appear set with sharp, flip-away edges. Simple razor cut and razor cut bob technique can be achieved using straight razors. The techniques involve simply repeating the steps of combing through small amounts of hair while sliding the razor slightly in 45-degree angles with short, shifting movements.



Donald Scott NYC Offering the Chicest, New Hair Cutting Tools


Donald Scott NYC is the current popular company to offer some of the best straight razors and styling tools. Donald Scott NYC is operated with the prime intention of catering to the most modern barbers or hair stylists who want to create ultra-modern, chic and unique hairstyles. Two of the most purchased products from Donald Scott NYC are the set of Ds/X4 Razor Tool + Naked Blades and the Swivel Twist Razor.


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  1. Amya Roy

    The set is used to create sharp hairstyles that focus intensely along the hairlines. With the Swivel Twist Razor, hair can be cut in bulk while adding more volume and softened ends. This might be the quickest way in which has resolved to get things done in a right way by analyzing a lot from their end.

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